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Outstanding UCDSB Individuals Honoured with 2023 Trustee Innovation Award
Outstanding UCDSB Individuals Honoured with 2023 Trustee Innovation Award
Posted on 06/27/2023

June 27, 2023 (Brockville, ON) – The 2023 Trustee Innovation Award (TIA) winners were recently announced by Upper Canada District School Board (UCDSB), showcasing the district's commitment to fostering creativity, innovation, and its positive influence on student learning.

This annual award program recognizes individuals within the UCDSB who demonstrate innovative teaching and work practices. The goal is to incorporate these practices and methods into the educational system, improving the delivery of education and enhancing services that benefit both the school and the community.  

Nominations came in from across the district, highlighting inventive practices that engage students in Real-World Learning, foster responsible citizenship beyond the classroom, and emphasize the significance of nourishing the mind and body to optimize learning outcomes. The TIA committee, comprising trustees and district staff, meticulously selected eight winners: five groups and three individuals.

“These educators have demonstrated immense creativity and innovation by embracing the district goals in the pursuit of preparing students for a successful life,” says Corina Parisien, UCDSB Trustee and TIA Committee Chair. “We had many outstanding submissions, which featured a diverse range of projects and initiatives from across the district. With the high calibre of nominations, it made our job as a committee a challenging one. Each individual plays an instrumental role in shaping the minds of tomorrow and making a tangible difference in our world."  

This year's eight awardees encompass a diverse range of innovative projects. All winners were notified of their prestigious accolade during a virtual Microsoft Teams event on June 27. They will receive their awards in person when the new school year starts and their achievements will also be showcased in a video presentation to the Board of Trustees.  

The 2023 Trustee Innovation Award winners are: 



Jennifer Anderson, Teacher  

Pleasant Corners Public School, Vankleek Hill:  

At Pleasant Corners Public School, Jennifer Anderson is a teacher who has a significant impact on her students’ lives. Her ability to reach every student through creative, innovative and personalized learning inspires them to pursue their dreams and interests, exemplifies her dedication to their success. 


Robyn Ableson, Teacher  

Gananoque Intermediate and Secondary School, Gananoque: 

Robyn Ableson is a teacher at Gananoque Intermediate and Secondary School (GISS) who has been a champion of arts education within the school and community for over a decade. She has been instrumental in developing partnerships and collaborations to provide students with diverse opportunities in the arts.  


Graeme McTavish, Teacher 

Glen Tay Public School, Perth: 

Graeme McTavish excels as a teacher at Glen Tay Public School, going above and beyond to create an engaging learning environment. His efforts are evident in the enthusiastic and excited faces of his students.  




Crystal Seguin, Teacher 

Kathleen McDougald, Teacher 

Emily MacMillan, Teacher  

Trinity Flaro, English Language Learner (ELL) Instructor 

Loes Breuers, English Language Learner (ELL) Instructor 

Rebecca Legue, English Language Learner (ELL) Instructor 

Nadiya Asif, Instruction Supervising Monitor  

Cynthia Seguin, Acting Site Principal 

Bridgewood Public Schoolsatellite classes at the Dev Hotel, Cornwall: 

The Bridgewood team at the Dev Hotel is an exceptional group of educators dedicated to supporting English-learning children from war-torn regions. Crystal Seguin, Kathleen McDougald, Emily MacMillan, Trinity Flaro, Loes Breuers, Rebecca Legue, Nadiya Asif, and Cynthia Seguin created inviting classrooms that foster a sense of belonging, safety, and overall well-being.  


Ashley Blanchard, Educational Assistant 

Carley Vanderhulst, Educational Assistant 

Tammy Somers, Educational Assistant 

Kelly Saunders, Educational Assistant 

Russell High School, Russell: 

Apartment 217 is a transformative project at Russell High School, led by Ashley Blanchard, Carley Vanderhulst, Tammy Somers and Kelly Saunders, that has had a profound impact on providing students in the life skills classes with the tools they need to thrive beyond the classroom.  


Katharine Wolff, Teacher 

Larry Mosgrove, Teacher 

Katharine Day, Teacher 

Nathan Gonyou, Teacher 

Norm Decou, Teacher 

Carleton Place High School, Carleton Place: 

Teachers Katharine Wolff, Larry Mosgrove, Katharine Day, Nathan Gonyou and Norm Decou at Carleton Place High School have demonstrated exceptional dedication to students and the community through a recent Real-World Learning and cross-curricular initiative called Bear Necessities.  


Glen Truelove, Wood and Auto Shop Teacher 

Robin Bridgman, Green Industries Teacher 

Ashley Lawrence, Food and Nutrition Teacher 

Matt Visser, Grade 7/8 Teacher 

Athens District High School, Athens: 

Athens District High School (ADHS) teachers Glen Truelove, Robin Bridgman, Ashley Lawrence and Matt Visser have embraced the Real-World Learning goal of the Director's Work Plan: engaging community partners effectively and inspiring students to participate in transformative Real-World Learning projects.  


Kari Sloan, Teacher 

Tracey MacTavish, Educational Assistant 

Lorie Knox, Teacher 

Lisa Kirby, Educational Assistant 

Stacey Rivoire, Teacher 

Angela Parks-Gibson, Educational Assistant Sarah Rudge, Vice-Principal 

Duncan J. Schoular Public School, Smiths Falls: 

Duncan J. Schoular Public School teachers and educational assistants Kari Sloan, Tracey MacTavish, Lorie Knox, Lisa Kirby, Stacey Rivoire and Angela Parks-Gibson and Vice-Principal Sarah Rudge have demonstrated creativity and innovation through a real-world and play-based learning project.  





For media inquiries, please contact:   

April Scott-Clarke   Manager of Communications   Upper Canada District School Board   [email protected] 

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