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Service Excellence Award

Service Excellence Awards

The Service Excellence project was designed to build and sustain a culture of customer service within our school board. It will help us create the conditions required for a 90% graduation rate by providing “100% Satisfaction with the Educational Journey.” The board is modelling its approach to customer service after other private and public agencies that set the standard for customer service. In doing so, we will continue to be seen as the caring board that is the first choice for parents in our area to educate their children.

Our Customers: Students, Parents, Community Partners

All board employees provide services to our customers. In most cases a staff role will directly impact a student’s learning, and in other roles it is the indirect support that ensures operations get out of the way of a student’s learning. Service Excellence is a reminder for staff to “dig deeper” and also demonstrates our commitment as a board to ensure students and their families are well-cared-for, and that students are able to accomplish their educational goals and come away with lifelong skills.

At the outset of this journey we asked our students, parents and our staff to tell us stories about exceptional service experiences they had, either in the school board setting or through a different organization. The responses to that and related questions quickly formed common themes that are now embodied in the Six Qualities of Service Excellence. 

How do I recognize staff or a team of staff from the UCDSB for the excellent service they provide?

1. Directly - an internal survey of UCDSB staff indicated that most people prefer to receive a personal handwritten note or an email, describing what they did and the impact it had.  Contact for a choice of recognition cards to use (colour or self-printed available as a download below).

2. Nominate them for consideration for the Annual Service Excellence Awards. 

The deadline for submitting a name of a UCDSB staff member or team of staff is Friday, April 2, 2021.

Nominations are always open. See the "downloads" area below for more information on the criteria.  

The link to submit a nomination is also provided in "useful links."

3. Contact us with your stories of service from UCDSB, or feedback you would like to share:

Improving Our Service: Online Course Developed

Another recommendation was to provide an on-learning experience on the topic of customer service in UCDSB language. On January 23, 2014, the UCDSB Service Excellence Learning Experience was made available to all UCDSB staff. It is the expectation that every employee (4,000+) in the Upper Canada District School Board will complete it. Following this training, board employees will all speak the same consistent “service” language and recognize the value of service excellence and how it impacts customers. We will have initiated a baseline standard to which all staff will adhere. 

Sarah Crawford Manager of Planning & Service Excellence 225 Central Ave. West,  Brockville, ON K6V 5X1 Phone: 613.342.0371 / 800.267.7131  Fax:  
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