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Service Excellence Award

Service Excellence Awards

2023-24 Service Excellence Awards

The UCDSB Service Excellence Awards are a peer-to-peer employee recognition program that was created in the 2015-16 school year. These awards were created to recognize exceptional  service to our students, their families and our co-workers.

A selection committee determines the top nominees following a detailed review of how the nominees demonstrated the UCDSB’s Six Qualities of Service Excellence, showed leadership in the area of service excellence and made an impact within our system.

Recipients of the 2023-2024 Service Excellence Awards are as follows:

Dara DayeShelly Blanchard - Educational Assistant, Brockville Collegiate Institute

Shelly is an individual award for winner her efforts in enhancing communication among staff, managing the Nutrition for Kids table, and handling shopping and packaging outside school hours. She brings joy to students and staff with her humour and her lasting impact is evident in the enduring relationships she maintains with students long after they leave BCI. Known as the 'go-to person' and 'student champion,' Shelly makes each student feel special with her morning greetings, notes of encouragement, and check-ins.

Chris Hannah

Elizabeth Fortier - Teacher, Wellington Elementary School

Beth is an individual award winner for her dedication to her students and for fostering a supportive and inclusive environment for everyone. She understands her students' diverse needs and encourages them to achieve their best. Beth excels in organizing sporting events and extracurricular activities, ensuring all students can participate. Her dedication and strong personality are inspiring and enhance the capabilities of the staff as educators and leaders.

Alyssa Jackson

Sabrina Kiskis – Teacher, Russell Public School

Sabrina is an individual award winner for her exemplary dedication to fostering a culture of care and inclusivity in her classroom. She integrates community engagement with activities like weekly nature walks and civic services. She tailors instruction to meet each student's unique needs, utilizing formative assessments and occupational therapy principles. Committed to professional growth, she applies new methods and resources to enhance her teaching. Her innovative initiatives and her leadership significantly benefit the entire kindergarten team and the school daycare.

Heather M-HLesley Walker - Educational Assistant/Registered Early Childhood Educator, Commonwealth Public School

Lesley is an individual award winner for her personalized approach to supporting and uplifting her colleagues, including posting motivational quotes, and offering regular encouragement. She deeply understands her students' needs, creating learning environments that cater to their interests. Her teamwork in the Power Up classroom and coordination with outside agencies ensure the best care for her students. Lesley's profound impact, genuine goodness, and fierce advocacy for her students makes her an invaluable asset to the school.

Danielle Weiss - Board-Certified Behaviour Analyst, Student Services West

Danielle is an individual award winner her exceptional dedication as a Board-Certified Behaviour Analyst. She celebrates personal milestones and consistently encourages her colleagues and students. Danielle provides reliable support during difficult times, creating a comfortable environment for sharing concerns. Her tailored guidance meets individual needs, positively impacting personal growth. She actively collaborates on projects, contributing to their success through practical assessments and skills-based treatment.

Dwayne Trollope

Crystal Phifer & Lindsey Stuart - Kinder “Yellow” Team at Iroquois Public School

Teacher and Early Childhood Educator duo Crystal and Lindsay won the group award for their exceptional dedication and innovative approach to education. They create a caring, student-centered learning environment that highlights students' work and interests. They also serve as leaders by taking on roles such as Principal Designate, coordinating hot lunch programs, and spearheading fundraising efforts. Their commitment extends to securing grants for outdoor learning and mentoring new teachers.

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