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Windows Setup

Setup Guide for Windows Computers

Note: The instructions listed below will grant you access to our UC Staff and Student WiFi network, giving you faster internet speed and access to more sites.

**These steps will work on Windows 10 computers and will not work on Windows 7 or Windows 8 computers. 

1) Connect your device to the UC Guest WiFi wireless network. 

Open the Internet browser and navigate to

3) The UCDSB Captive Portal page should appear. Select Enroll. 

4) The Intune enrollment page will appear. Select Learn how to enroll your Windows 10 device. The Windows device enrollment documentation will open. Follow the steps for enrolling your device either via the Intune Company Portal app or via Account settings as discussed in the documentation.

Installing Intune Company Portal

5) In the Microsoft Store search field type Company Portal and hit Enter

6) The Microsoft Store will open to The Company Portal download page. 

7) Select Installer the download cloud icon. Wait for the app to install. 

8) Select Launch or Company Portal in the taskbar search box and select the result to begin using the app. The Company Portal app, when launched, will present a Microsoft Sign-in screen. Enter in your UCDSB Office 365 email address and select Next

9) The UCDSB landing page will now be shown. Enter in your UCDSB password and select Sign-in. On the Use this account everywhere on your device screen select Yes. The device will start to be configured for management.

10) On the You're all set! Select Done. You should now see the main screen of the Company Portal app. You can close or minimize the app for now. 

11) Open the Start Menu and select the Settings cog wheel - or - type settings in the taskbar search box and select the settings result

12) On the Windows Settings page, select Accounts

13) In the Accounts settings page, select Access work or school and then select Connect.

14) On the Set up a work or school account dialogue, enter your UCDSB Email address and select Next.

15) The UCDSB landing page will load. Enter in your UCDSB email password and select Sign-in.

16) On the You're all set! screen, select Done.


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