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Cyber Awareness Month 2022
Cyber Awareness Month 2022
Posted on 10/04/2022
Week One

Social Media, Gaming and the Metaverse

Social media and online games are great ways to stay connected, interact and have fun with family and friends. Knowing how to do so safely while protecting your identity and personal information is essential.

With the increase in popularity of the Metaverse, those interactions are also occurring in virtual 3D worlds via avatars and technologies such as virtual reality (VR) headsets and augmented reality apps. Some of those interactions can occur in unmoderated worlds increasing the risk of youth and children being exposed to inappropriate content and interactions.

Week Two

Cyber Scams and Phishing

Cyber criminals are always coming up with new ways to scam internet users of all ages. Their favorite techniques include phishing emails, phishing SMS or text messages (also known as “smishing”) and spoofing websites and phone numbers to try and trick us into divulging sensitive information such as our identity, personal information and account details and passwords.

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Week Three

Cyber Hygiene

Fortunately for everyone, we can all train ourselves to think proactively about cyber security, online safety, and privacy by establishing solid cyber hygiene practices that are as routine as brushing your teeth.

Adopting thorough and accurate cyber hygiene habits can stop cyber villains in their tracks.

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Week Four

Digital Wellness

Even with cyber powers, cyberheroes also need to take care of their personal wellbeing by knowing to rest, pause and when to limit the use of digital technology and the internet. Knowing how to moderate our own use of digital technology is something we should all learn to do.

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