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Community Planning & Partnerships

Community Planning & Partnerships

The Ministry of Education introduced the
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Community Planning and Partnerships Guideline (CPP), March 2015, in order to encourage school boards to reach out to community organizations to share planning information on a regular basis, particularly as it relates to the use of space in schools. This includes sharing information about potential space in existing schools, future school sites, and in new builds.

2023-24 Annual Community Planning and Partnership (CPP) Meeting

The CDSBEO and UCDSB hosted the Annual Community Planning and Partnership session virtually on June 3, 2024.

The 2023-24 list of schools meeting the criteria at the UCDSB are now available to view. 

The 2023-24 presentation is now available at this link.


The purpose of the meeting is to continue conversations between school districts and municipalities to identify potential partnership opportunities that account for each board’s facility inventory. This sharing of information will help us to clarify, with the assistance of an ongoing application process, whether surplus school space at open and operating schools can be leased on a cost recoverable basis and in alignment with school and Board educational objectives and operations.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does a facility collaboration mean that organizations can use board facilities at no cost?

Facility partnerships operate through Policy 4002 on a cost-recovery basis. Facility partners at a minimum will pay the full cost of operating their space, unless otherwise decided upon by the Board. The fees charged to partners should cover the operations and capital cost, including administrative costs and property taxes (if applicable), to the Board for the space occupied by the partner. Additional costs to perform minor renovations to protect student safety, provide appropriate washrooms, and otherwise make the space suitable for use by facility partners will be at the expense of the partner.

2. How can our community organization let the UCDSB know that we are interested in facility collaboration?

Interested partners are invited to email: [email protected] with a general overview of the reason for the organization's interest in partnering, the nature of the service, how much space the organization requires, and relevant contact information for follow-up by a staff member.

3. What do the UCDSB Policy 4002 and the Community Planning & Partnership annual meetings have to do with our community group that uses our local school regularly?

If you already have space booked in a school, and a custodian is available to cover this evening and/or weekend use, this policy will not affect your regular scheduled bookings. Permits can continue to be booked through the community use of schools online booking system and Community Use of Schools Policy 435, remains applicable.


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