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Nationview Public School Students Lead the Charge in Real-World Learning and Kindness with the Growing Project
Nationview Public School Students Lead the Charge in Real-World Learning and Kindness with the Growing Project
Posted on 06/26/2024
Nationview Growing Kindness

June 25, 2024 (South Mountain, ON)Nationview Public School is proud to announce the success and ongoing impact of its Real-World Learning initiative, the Nationview Growing Project. Initiated in the 2021-2022 school year, this hands-on educational experience has united students, teachers, and community members in a mission to promote environmental sustainability, community support, and kindness.

The Nationview Growing Project began with Grade 3/4 students learning about seeds, plants, and soil, while Grade 5 and 6 students, inspired by a workshop with primatologist and anthropologist Jane Goodall, the students embraced the philosophy that small actions can lead to significant changes.

Dubbed "Kids Growing Kindness," students created logos, official t-shirts, and social media campaigns, raising money for the House of Lazarus food bank's Operation Backpack program, which provides food bags for students in need at 12 local schools.

Following the initial success, the students brainstormed further initiatives, forming mini expert groups focused on various aspects of the growing project. Highlights of their activities include:

  • Agricultural Awareness: Grade 5 and 6 students produced an awareness video and informational texts about local farming, partnering with the Happy Face Daycare and the Mountain Township and District Lions Club. They also formed the Nationview Kindness Crew, promoting kindness and inclusion, supported by the Lions Club with t-shirts and a monthly Kindness Matters award.


  • Environmental Contributions: Meeting with Stormont, Dundas & Glengarry council members and Mayor Tony Fraser, students received encouragement for future projects like a pollinator garden, new trees for the schoolyard, and a buddy bench.


  • Expansion of the Growing Project: In Fall 2023, multiple classes joined the initiative. Kindergarteners received a food cycler to reduce food waste and make compost. They led a school-wide composting challenge for Earth Day, using ZipGrow towers to cultivate lettuce for the House of Lazarus backpack program.


  • Annual Plant Sale: The annual Kids Growing Kindness plant sale on May 24 raised $1,537.20, again benefiting the Operation Backpack program. Grade 3/4 students also partnered with South Nation Conservation and Morrisburg Canadian Tire to plant 23 trees in the schoolyard, enhancing the local environment.


  • Pollinator Garden: Grade 4/5 students focused on pollinators, working with local experts and businesses to plan and plant a pollinator-friendly garden. They received certification from the Canadian Wildlife Federation and planted various perennials, shrubs, and trees, despite challenging weather conditions.


  • Continued Support for House of Lazarus: The Grade 5 and 6 class raised $1,107.07 through holiday treat bags and a craft sale. In collaboration with the House of Lazarus, students developed new initiatives to support the food bank, including a Sports and Healthy Snack Fun Day and educational projects on healthy food choices.


  • Sustainability Initiatives: Grade 2/3 students joined South Edwardsburg Public School’s real-world learning project, setting up marker recycling stations to contribute to environmental efforts.

"Real-World Learning makes me feel happy because we are doing something good for the environment and learning new skills at the same time," says Grade 6 student Lily Rae Gilmer.

"Our goal with the whole project was to help everyone feel included and I hope that the future students will continue this legacy," adds Grade 6 student Isabella Hoppe.

The Nationview Growing Project exemplifies how students can learn through real-world experiences while making meaningful contributions to their community. These projects have fostered a spirit of collaboration, environmental stewardship, and kindness among students, leaving a lasting positive impact.


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