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iOS Setup

Setup Guide for iOS devices (iPads, iPods, iPhones)

Please note that the instructions below may be slightly different for you depending on the model of your device and the iOS version.

1) From your school, connect your device to the UC Guest WiFi wireless network.

guest wifi

2) Open the Safari browser and type in and select Go.

3) The Intune enrollment page will appear. Select GET THE APP.

Note: When you select the GET THE APP button, you may receive an Open in "App Store"? dialogue. Select Open.

Note: You may receive a Welcome to the App Store dialogue, if you are opening the App Store for the first time. Please select Continue to proceed.

4) The App Store will open the Intune Company Portal download page.

Note: You may receive an Allow "App Store" to access your location…" dialogue if you are opening the App Store for the first time. Please choose Don't Allow or Allow to proceed.

5) Select GET or the download cloud icon. Wait for the app to install.

Note: You may be prompted with an App Store Install dialogue. Select Install to proceed.

6) Select OPEN to begin using the app.
The Company Portal app, when launched, will present a Microsoft Sign-in screen.

7) Enter your UCDSB Office 365 email address and select Next.

8) The UCDSB landing page will now be shown. Enter in your UCDSB password and select Sign-in. The device will now connect to the Intune service to prepare for enrollment. 

9) On the Setup Upper Canada District School Board access screen select Begin. The device will start to be configured for management.

10) On the What can Upper Canada District School Board see? Dialogue, select Continue.

11) On the What's next? Dialogue, select Continue

On the Identify your device dialogue, select new device and select Continue. The management profile will start downloading. 

12) On the Download Management Profile dialogue, you will receive a This website is trying to download… dialogue. Select Allow

13) On the Download Management Profile dialogue, you will receive a Profile Downloaded dialogue. Select Close

14) On the Setup Upper Canada District School Board access screen select Continue. On the What's next? Page, read and follow the instructions. 

15) Open the Settings app and navigate to General - Profile.  Select the Management Profile

16) While in Settings, tap WiFi, then tap UC Student and Staff WiFi. Enter your UCDSB password to connect to UC Student and Staff WiFi.

Congratulations! You will now have your UCDSB email on your device and access to our UC Student and Staff WiFi network.

NOTE: If you do not already have a device passcode set on your device, at some point you will be prompted to enter one. This is required to grant access to your UCDSB email on your device.

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