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Water Quality Report

Water Quality In the Upper Canada District School Board

The Upper Canada District School Board is committed in providing safe drinking water for students, staff and visitors. The Upper Canada District School Board has the most wells of any school district in Ontario, and is very committed to a well water quality program. For several years professional staff have been engaged in monitoring and improving the water supplied to our schools. With the introduction of new regulations under the Safe Drinking Water Act 2002, we are pleased to report that the Upper Canada District School Board is compliant.


Q: How is water provided to students and staff in our schools?

A: Water is provided from two sources: a municipal water supply or a well. On occasion, "bottled water" is provided for drinking. The quality of the water from a municipal water supply is a Municipal responsibly and the quality of water from our private well is the responsibility of UCDSB.

Q: Why would schools provide "bottled water"?

A: The Upper Canada District School Board is involved in an extensive water testing program. From time-to-time, an unsatisfactory test result is received. While further tests are conducted or a water delivery/quality issue is addressed, students and staff will be provided with bottled water.

Q: What kind of testing is done?

A: For several years, the Upper Canada District School Board has engaged a third party engineering firm to test well water. The parameters for testing are extensive and typically have exceeded the current Ministry of Environment or Ministry of Health requirements for safe drinking water.

Q: What type of water treatment does our rural schools have?

A: We have selected one of two types of acceptable treatment systems. Chlorination or UV (ultra violet) treatment is very effective in addressing the water quality safety requirements. Chlorination has the benefit of treating water along the piping systems after the initial treatment of raw water from the well.

Q: How is the water quality monitored?

A: Any staff dealing with water supplied by a well must be certified every 3 years by passing a course overseen by the Walkerton Clean Water Center. As well, the UCDSB engages a consulting engineer to guide our practices. The testing is done for several parameters including e-coli, coliform and chlorine residuals. In addition, the Health Unit may perform independent testing (i.e. - inspection of kitchen facilities in school cafeterias.) The Ministry of Environment and Climate Change also inspects our practices regularly.

Q: Can the Public see the results of water testing?

A: Yes, all water information is available free to the public upon request at each school.

This includes lab reports and annual reports.

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