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Committee Trustee membership for the 2022-2026 term statutory Committees were approved by Board at their November 30, 2022 Board meeting.

*Revised* February 09, 2024


Audit Committee
Trustee Members: Patty Francis, Curtis Jordan, David McDonald
Alternate Member: John McAllister
Get more details about the audit committee, their function and agenda here.

Parent Involvement Committee (PIC)
Members: Lynda Johnston (pending Board motion February 14, 2024)
Alternates: John Danaher

Get more info on PIC meetings and agenda here. 

Special Education Advisory Committee (SEAC)
Members: Michel LaBonté, Corina Parisien
Alternate: Lisa Swan (pending Board motion February 14, 2024)
Get more info on SEAC meetings and agenda here.

Supervised Alternative Learning (SAL)
Members: Patty Francis, Lynda Johnston
Alternate: Curtis Jordan


Accountability Framework Workgroup
Trustee Members: John Danaher, David McDonald, Corina Parisien, Jamie Schoular

Bylaws & Policy Committee
Members:  Carole Dufort, Patty Francis, Curtis Jordan, Michel LaBonté

Champions for Kids Foundation (C4K)
Member: Lynda Johnston

Public School Boards’ Association
Voting Delegate and Board of Director: David McDonald
Alternate: Jamie Schoular

 Transportation of Eastern Ontario
Members: David McDonald, Jamie Schoular

Suspension, Appeal and Expulsion Committee
Members: Carole Dufort, Lynda Johnston, Corina Parisien
Alternate: Jamie Schoular

Trustee Innovation Awards 
Selection Committee
Members: Carole Dufort, Lynda Johnston, John McAllister, Corina Parisien

Trustee Professional Development Committee
Members: Carole Dufort, Lynda Johnston, Jamie Schoular, 1 Vacancy

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