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Student Equity & Inclusion Committee

Student Equity & Inclusion Committee

Student Equity and Inclusion Committee

The Student Trustees Equity and Inclusion Committee was co-founded in 2021 to increase student voice on issues regarding equity and inclusion within our schools. This committee provides a platform in which students are able to bring forward their issues, concerns, and voices regarding inclusion and equity within our school board. It further provides a student-to-student connection on a topic we are all so very passionate about while ensuring these voices and concerns are presented to the Board of Trustees and the Senior Administration. Together, we combine our greatest strengths of actively listening, learning, engaging, and implementing to further our mission of ensuring every student feels they belong while providing them with the means to succeed.

To foster an accepting and safe environment in which every student is represented, and diverse voices of students are expressed. We emphasize empowerment to learn about the diversity among us transforming the way we think, teach, learn, and act to ensure every classroom in the UCDSB is one where we all belong and can strive academically. 

Mission Statement:
To ensure that the needs of all students from all backgrounds are adequately voiced, heard, addressed, and met, so we can prepare all students for a successful life.

Collaboration Groups

We recognize that equity and inclusion is a very broad subject therefore have formed collaboration groups that aim to address specific portions under the equity and inclusion spectrum such as racism, 2SLGBTQ+, neurodivergence, learning disorders, disability awareness, indigenous peoples, etc. We currently have two collaboration groups in place.


Focusing on reducing discrimination against those who identify as members of this community and increasing education and awareness of the various terminology and identities that fall under this group. Furthermore, efforts will be put forth towards the education on, and elimination of stereotypes surrounding the LGBTQ+ community, and encouraging inclusion for all.

Race & Religion

Focusing on discrimination-reducing measures and education regarding other races, cultures, ethnicities, and beliefs. Furthermore, efforts will be put forth towards the education on and elimination of stereotypes surrounding other races, cultures, ethnicities, and beliefs, encouraging inclusion for all.

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