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We All Belong Student Survey
Student Census

In response to the Ontario Education Equity Action Plan, the Upper Canada District School Board (UCDSB) is embarking on an identity-based initiative to better understand our students, their needs and ensure they feel safe and accepted within our school system.

The first step in this multi-year project is the UCDSB We All Belong Student Survey.

The We All Belong Student Survey is collecting responses until December 23, 2022. 

  • Students in Kindergarten to Grade 8 have been sent a personalized link to their school email address. Families can fill out the survey by accessing their child’s email here. Login details are the same email address and password that your child uses to log in to a school computer.

    Most students are familiar with how to log into their email. If you have trouble logging in, please contact your child’s classroom teacher directly. 
  • Students in Grades 9-12 have been sent a personalized link to their school email address and will be given class time to complete it. They can do it on their own time by accessing their email from a personal device here. 

Survey Objective

Data collected from the UCDSB We All Belong Student Survey will help the UCDSB find gaps in our school system and see where our biases exist. Understanding the demographic makeup of our student population and their school experience, and how they are being served, will help us to reduce achievement gaps and improve learning outcomes for all students, regardless of class, gender, ethnicity, disability, race, religion or sexual orientation. The initiative supports equity and student achievement through evidence-informed decision-making in the following areas:

ü  closing achievement and opportunity gaps

ü  to improve learning outcomes for all students

ü  making evidence-informed decisions

ü  establishing effective programs

ü  addressing any barriers to student achievement and success

ü  identifying and addressing any systemic discrimination

ü  allocating resources according to student needs to create conditions for student success

This initiative is part of a broader provincial program, regulated by the Anti-Racism Act, where school boards across the province are completing a student survey to better understand the students they serve & their communities. Many school boards in Ontario have completed their student survey. 

The We All Belong Student Survey is now LIVE! The UCDSB is actively collecting survey data in schools from November 14 to December 23 2022 whereby all elementary and secondary students will have the opportunity to voluntarily participate and complete the survey.

Our Grade 9-12 students will have the opportunity to do the survey in class while our Kindergarten to Grade 8 students will be asked to complete it at home with the help of a parent or guardian.

The survey is voluntary and confidential. However, a high survey completion will allow for more complete information about school communities and learning environments, and help us to provide better supports to students. A higher participation rate will provide valuable, evidence-based data to assist in planning for future policies, programs and resources.

Survey data will only be accessed by authorized UCDSB staff for the purposes of analyzing and reporting findings. All data will be collected and stored in a secure manner in accordance with our Privacy Impact Assessment, applicable privacy legislation and guidelines, and best practices.

Once data collection is complete, survey data will be analyzed and the UCDSB will report findings to students, staff and the community. At no time will students be identified in these reports. Reports will consist of key demographic and perceptual data which will inform our work and practice & allow us to:

alt="Info">PDFs of the complete survey questions:

2022 We All Belong Student Survey- K to Grade 8

2022 We All Belong Student Survey- Grades 9 to 12

2022 Intermediate Student Voice Survey- Grades 7 to 8

Frequently Asked Questions

Contact Us

Dr.Kathleen Moss, Research Officer
Research & Innovation
Upper Canada District School Board
[email protected]
613-342-0371 ext.1295

Dan McRae, Principal of Equity and Inclusion

Upper Canada District School Board

[email protected]

613-342-0371 ext.1261

The UCDSB is committed to the highest levels of privacy and confidentiality when collecting information about students and families. Student survey data is collected under the authority of the Anti-Racism Act 2017, and the Education Act, R.S.O. 1990, Sections 169.1, 170 (1) and 171 (1) and complies with Ontario’s Data Standards for the Identification and Monitoring of Systemic Racism and the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. This collection of information will help to identify gaps in our school system and see where biases exist so they can be addressed through improved programming. If you have any questions regarding the collection of this information, please contact your school Principal or our Information and Records Management Specialist, (613) 342-0371, ext 1396.

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