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Section 6: Secondary School Program Consideration: Student Success Focus

Section 6: Secondary School Program Consideration: Student Success Focus

The UCDSB remains committed to its goal of a 90% graduation rate. Student Success teams in schools will monitor student achievement and intervene when necessary to ensure the best outcome for each student.

6.1 Specialist High Skills Major (SHSM) Programs

SHSM programs will continue. Some programs may need to be modified based upon student access to co-op and some certification courses that may not run during the pandemic. SHSM leads and school administrators are encouraged to reach out to our Learning Partners regarding procedures for ‘overrides’ and other solutions to ensure program completion.

6.2 OYAP and Dual Credit programs

OYAP and Dual Credit programs will also continue. Some programs will be limited by pandemic restrictions. Students should check with their Guidance Department regarding courses and programs impacted.

6.3 Co-operative Education

Co-operative education will continue. Some traditional placements may be possible, and others will be required to be completed in a virtual format.

6.4 Community Involvement / Community Service Hours

The completion of 40 hours of Community Involvement will resume as a requirement for secondary school graduation for 2020-2021. Students may complete their hours in virtual setting if possible, or in a safe setting outside of the school.

6.5 Literacy Requirement for Graduation

Graduating students must also complete their literacy requirement. Students who do not have their literacy requirement who wish to graduate mid-year should ensure that they take the Literacy course in the first or second quadmester.


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