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Online Safety Presentation at Commonwealth PS
Commonwealth Public School Students Learn About Online Safety
Posted on 03/02/2020
Online Safety Presentation

March 2, 2020 (Brockville, ON) – Students at Commonwealth Public School learned to stay safe while online during a presentation by Brockville Police last week in the school’s Learning Commons. 

Constable Greg Francis explained to students the best way to protect themselves online is to act the same way that they do in real life. 

“If a stranger pulled over and asked to speak with you, would you do it?” Francis asked the group of Grades 4-6 students. “No, of course not. It’s the same thing on social media. If a stranger messages you and you don’t know them, don’t answer them. Hit delete.” 

Other safety tips he offered included the following: 

  • only talk online with people you know;
  • never reveal personal information such as phone numbers or street addresses while online;
  • when posting selfies, be careful not to inadvertently include a street sign, your house number or other information others can use to identify you; and
  • never send a picture when asked by a stranger online.

Francis also spoke about the harm cyberbullying can do, and ways to curb its impact. Cyberbullying is using social media to expose people to social ridicule, to spread lies, or intimidate them in a way that causes harm or makes them feel unsafe. 

“Think before you post,” he said. “Whatever you’re typing ask yourself if you would say the same thing to a person’s face. If you wouldn’t, then don’t post it.” 

If students see a cyberbully’s post, they should always take the following actions: 

  • refuse to like or share it;
  • delete the post and block the bully from their account; and
  • tell a teacher, parent or another trusted adult about it.

After the presentation, students said they planned to change their online habits, taking the officer’s tips seriously.

For more information, please call:

Valerie Horsfall
Commonwealth Public School

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