Picture of Laggan Public School Principal Jennifer Charbonneau being presented with Ted Kennedy Legacy Award

(Pictured above: Laggan Public School Principal Jennifer Charbonneau, at centre left, is pictured accepting the Ted Kennedy Legacy Award on behalf of her school. Laggan Public School raised $3,809, or $23.09 per student, during the 2015 Terry Fox National School Run Day. Charbonneau is pictured with, left to right, Director Stephen Sliwa, Chair Jeff McMillan and Superintendent David Coombs.) 

Highlights from October 12
Board of Trustees Meeting

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(Brockville) – Trustees with the Upper Canada District School Board(UCDSB) met on Wednesday, October 12 to discuss a number of topics including:

Ted Kennedy Legacy Awards: Superintendent David Coombs presented this year's Ted Kennedy Legacy Awards to the two board schools that raised the most money (per pupil) during the 2015 Terry Fox National School Run Day. Laggan Public School was the top elementary school, raising $3,809 or $23.09 per student. Char-Lan District High School was the top high school, generating $3,071 or $9.25 per student. In 2015, runs at UCDSB schools raised a total of $69,809 for the Terry Fox Foundation. The awards are given annually in memory of late superintendent Ted Kennedy who died in 2011. This is the fifth year Char-Lan has won the award, and the first time Laggan has received the honour.

Lyn Public School (LPS) Presentation: Principal Jennifer Moore shared with trustees some of the strategies that her staff are using to improve math and literacy results through the LPS School Improvement Plan for Student Achievement. In literacy, the plan focusses on best practices that encourage quality student responses. Instruction focuses on non-fiction texts. Teachers work with students to clearly define learning goals in literacy – including displaying checklists and anchor charts about those goals – so students know what success looks like and can achieve it. The school is using resources such as “A Guide to Effective Instruction in Writing” to model best teaching practices.  Math programs are enhanced through the use of math communities. Classes also encourage “math talk,” or active discussions in class about math problems. The discussions allow students to work through problems and gain a deeper understanding of correct answers. The school also uses manipulatives and the three-part math lesson to help students achieve.

Russell High School( RHS) Presentation: Russell High School Principal Susan Rutters spoke to trustees about ways her school is improving student understanding in math and literacy through the School Improvement Plan for Student Achievement. Rutters said 77 per cent of students were successful in Grade 10 literacy testing last school year. She added many students who were not successful have special education needs. The school is now reviewing OSSLT data and will assess the areas of need for these students to find the best supports to help them succeed. In Grade 9 academic mathematics, 88 per cent of students achieved success in standardized testing, but just 44 per cent did so in applied mathematics. The school is developing students’ math skills by using questions and activities that deal with real-life situations to make math relevant and more engaging. Classes also use “math talk” to ensure continued growth in student achievement.

UCDSB Renewed Math Strategy Overview: Superintendent Valerie Allen outlined details of the board’s renewed strategy to improve student math results. The strategy, for Kindergarten to Grade 12, is being implemented as part of Ministry of Education efforts to improve math scores provincewide. The four objectives of the provincial math strategy are: increased student achievement, well-being and engagement in mathematics; increased educator math knowledge and instructional expertise; increased board and school leader use of their knowledge of effective math teaching strategies to support staff and furthering the conditions for system and school improvement; and increased parent engagement in their child’s mathematics learning. The UCDSB strategy will provide new forms of staff support to all schools, increased support to some schools, and intensive support to a select group of schools with the greatest needs in mathematics. The strategy will include: monthly Math Study Days for school staff; Ministry funded release time so school-based learning teams can meet about math; participation in regional math networks; providing math resources such as research books and manipulatives; greater opportunity for teachers to enroll in math qualification courses; principal coaching for math facilitators; and specific training in math for Learning Resource Coaches.

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Posted October 13, 2015

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