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Highlights from January 25
Board of Trustees Meeting

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January 26, 2017 (Brockville, ON) –Trustees with the Upper Canada District School Board (UCDSB) met on Wednesday, January 25, 2017 to discuss a number of topics including:

1) Rideau Vista Public School (RVPS) Presentation: Principal Teresa Polite presented on RVPS’s School Improvement Plan for Student Achievement (SIPSA). The plan lays out a roadmap for continued improvement in student learning, reflected in the EQAO standardized testing scores in reading, writing and math. The school has seen annual improvements in all three areas since 2012-2013, with significant increases in math scores.

In literacy instruction, teachers are gaining ground by making student thinking visible. They do this by providing multiple opportunities for students to talk about, represent and reflect on their thinking every day, and the walls of each classroom reflect high-quality instruction and a high level of student thinking. They also teach “inferencing” techniques, which allow students to understand text based on their experiences, as well as pictures and other clues when reading a variety of texts. In addition, teachers post charts on classroom walls created with the students that they can use as a reference to further their understanding of texts.

In mathematics, teachers encourage students to use a variety of strategies to solve a problem by creating “strategy charts” with their students and displaying them on their classroom walls. These charts display computation strategies such as “adding doubles” and “breaking numbers into place values,” to guide students in becoming more efficient in their mathematical computations. Students have also found success through extensive use of “number talks.” Teachers promote student talk about the way they arrived at an answer so they and their classmates are exposed to a variety of computation strategies and can practice using different, more efficient ones.

2) Public Concerns Resolution Policy: Trustees approved a new Public Concerns Resolution Policy. The policy enhances the board’s commitment to transparency and accountability, by clarifying that stakeholders can address concerns through a new Public Complaints Resolution Procedure, that will soon be introduced throughout the district. The policy will further the board’s effort to maintain productive and respectful relationships with parents, students, and other members of our communities.

3) Kemptville Public School (KPS) Presentation: Principal Tracy Staples reported on KPS’s School Improvement Plan for Student Achievement. Staples said the school’s success in developing student literacy and numeracy can be attributed to a number of factors, including: the alignment of instructional approaches, common assessment tools, professional collaboration among staff and current instructional resources. For instance, in literacy staff collaborate to support student understanding of text by aligning approaches in both English and French when teaching students to make a connection between the text they are reading and themselves, another text, or the real world.

In math, the school culture enables students to take risks, advancing their learning. Teachers make extensive use of math tools, number strings and math talks to help students understand and problem solve.  

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Posted January 26, 2017

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