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Highlights from December 14
Board of Trustees Meeting

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(Brockville) – Trustees with the Upper Canada District School Board (UCDSB) met on Wednesday, December 14 to discuss a number of topics including:

1)Presentation on Police/School Board Protocol: Superintendent David Coombs made a presentation on recent changes to the Upper Canada District School Board’s Police/School Board Protocol. The document was originally developed in 2011 to ensure several goals were met including: a coordinated approach between area school boards and police services; an effective relationship between police services and schools based on cooperation and shared understanding; and addressing any unique factors or considerations affecting individual jurisdictions. Coombs told the Board about several enhancements to the protocol including: a requirement for mandatory notification of police when considering Violence Threat Risk Assessment; lock downs; an intruder in a school or board office; cases of non-consensual sharing of intimate images; and bomb threats or suspicious packages. The Board also learned about how staff are updating our personnel through information up-dates, training, and professional development as part of the implementation of the revised protocol during this school year.

2)Athens District High School (ADHS) Improvement Plan for Student Achievement: Principal Marsha McNair discussed how her school is using its School Improvement Plan for Student Achievement (SIPSA) to enhance student learning. The plan outlines how the school will improve literacy scores as part of the board’s Closing the Gap Literacy Strategy. Staff are assessing class literacy needs, and will work through the school’s learning partner to devise approaches to enhance literacy scores. ADHS will strive to improve students’ math skills through the use of math manipulatives in class, as well as online tools available through the board’s Desire 2 Learn platform. Staff are tracking student learning in math class and bringing evidence of student work to monthly meetings to analyze and determine best practices to improve instruction and enhance learning. The school’s math team will also expand its use of the OneNote collaboration tool, allowing teachers to post work, receive student work, and provide feedback.

3)Brockville Collegiate Institute (BCI) School Improvement Plan for Student Achievement: Principal Bill Loshaw reported on BCI’s School Improvement Plan for Student Achievement (SIPSA) and how staff are using it to advance student learning. To better support students struggling in reading, the school’s literacy team is using a current reading assessment tool to analyze student reading behaviors. The information will be used to identify specific literacy gaps within a group of Grade 9 students who are struggling in reading to help them improve. BCI is addressing the group’s needs through guided, small-group instruction. The school will continue to track these students and will work with teachers to help them better understand effective teaching strategies and how they can be used daily with all students. Moving forward, the team will assess students in Grades 7 and 8 to identify more readers who will benefit from the supports. 

To help improve confidence, participation and risk-taking in math, the school is stressing the use of daily math talks and manipulatives.  Within the math talks, students discuss math with their peers, and strategies for determining answers are identified, documented and posted in the room so students can refer to them and use them in future. In collaboration with the school’s learning partner, staff have participated in ongoing training concerning math manipulatives. Learning goals and success criteria will be the focus of the school’s next SIPSA cycle. The goal is to have students use the success criteria to guide and improve their learning.

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Posted December 15, 2016


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