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Principal's Message

 Angela Grandy, Principal

On behalf of the Vankleek Hill Collegiate Institute Community, I welcome you to our website and encourage you to visit our school.  As part of the thriving Vankleek Hill Community, our school is proud of its tradition of community inovlvement and partnership.  This partnership comes from a belief of valuing education as a corner stone for lifelong success.

VCI enjoys an excellent reputation and has a tradition of high performance in areas of academic, athletics, cultural and social pursuits.  We have an outstanding staff who have contributed much to the lives of our students over the years.  We are very proud of the achievements of our students and the high regard in which our school is held, by the communities we serve.

VCI is recognized for excellence in the academic arena, with high EQAO scores and graduation rates year after year.  Our Health and Wellness Specialist High Skills Major provides students with opportunities to earn certifications and participate in extensive career exploration while earning their high school diploma.  Whether students' post-secondary pathway will take them to apprenticeships, college, university, or directly to work, VCI is able to provide a strong academic program to support their choice.

As you browse through our website you'll see the many extra-curricular opportunities available to students.  Through dedicated staff and community partners, our students can find many ways to belong at VCI beyond the classroom.

Our goal is to realize a 90% graduation rate for all students who walk through our doors in grade nine.  We beleive that every student has the ability to learn, and expect each person to strive for personal best to raise the bar for our students and close the achievement gap.  We provide a learning environment that provides multiple opportunities for every student to experience success, and to build on this success.

We are an inclusive school.  We are focused on providing the best possible future for all of our students.  Enjoy our website, or even better, come for a visit and see for yourself what Vankleek Hill Collegiate Institute and our Community has to offer.

Angela Grandy, Principal