We offer a variety of school clubs at TISS. Participation is highly encouraged! Check out brief descriptions of each club below.
Club 222
Extra help and peer tutoring
Computer club
Programming Competitions
Individual & Group Competitions
" Computer Science AP" (Advanced Placement)
Environmental Club
A group that wants to make TISS sustainable and environmentally friendly.
The Environmental Club organizes recycling in our school and host a spirit week every year. There are Envirothon competitions at the regional and provincial levels, and the international competition, Canon National Envirothon, takes place in a different state or province each year.
Formal Club
Does fundraising to ensure the prom evening is affordable, inclusive and fun for all.
Health Club
The TISS Health Club is focused on improving the safety, health and wellness of our students, staff and community.
Improv Team
The Improv team is a group of students who act without a script, using suggestions from the audience. The team also performs at tournaments, community functions, assemblies, variety shows, and elementary school drama workshops. The coaches are Mr. McIlroy and Mr. Kennedy.
Math Club
Each year TISS students compete against the top math students from across the province and Canada in the University of Waterloo math contests. A maximum of ten students from each grade (9 through 12) are selected to represent TISS.
The OSAID Club has been very active in the school and the Brockville community promoting awareness of the dangers of driving while impaired or distracted.
Reach for the Top Club
"School Reach" is a Canada-wide, inter-school, general knowledge competition. It has its roots in CBC's "Reach for the Top" competitions in the 1960's and 70's. For many years our students have participated in the St. Lawrence Region, Junior and Senior competitions.
Athletic Council
The TISS Athletic Council meets weekly to promote the school's athletic program and to generate school spirit. A lot of energy is put into fund raising activities to ensure that program costs such as referees, tournament entry fees, team uniforms, etc. are taken care of.
Yearbook Club
The Yearbook club is made up of a small, but dedicated group of students who work to create the perfect memoir of each pirate’s time at TISS. Members of the Yearbook club develop skills in business, budget planning, marketing, reporting, photography, graphic arts, photo editing, desktop publishing, online design, communication, leadership, time management and much more.
Skills team
Student council
Teens need teens
    No targeting

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