School Profile

Tagwi Secondary School is a regional high school serving a rural-based population in the north central area of the tri-counties. The student population is approximately 500.
Tagwi (pronounced TUGWA) is an Algonquin word meaning “meeting place”. In the vicinity of the school, ancient tribes of Algonquins from the Gatineau area met regularly for “pow wow” with the Six Nations Indians from the St. Lawrence.

The Latin inscription on the school crest “Simul Discemus” translates as “together we shall learn”. The inscription and the school name allude to the coming together of students from several communities.

In addition, student’s backgrounds provide the school with a rich cultural mix. Included are people of English, Scottish, French, Swiss, German and Dutch descent, to name a few.

Throughout its history, Tagwi has always strived to promote a safe family atmosphere. This is part accomplished through a code of conduct that encourages students to be courteous, respectful, punctual and generous of spirit. While the school has continuously promoted academic excellence, it has also provided other opportunities for achievement, such as athletics. A variety of programs seeks to meet all students needs. Among those offered are: Cooperative Education, Information Technology, Food Services, Technology, Visual Arts, Performing Arts and Pathways.
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