Exam Schedule


Examination Schedule

School Name:  Seaway District High School


-          Attendance is mandatory for all exams; a medical note must be provided for any missed exams

-          Learning Commons and cafeteria will be open and supervised for students when they are not writing exams

-          Any multi-needs (formerly SDC) classes will run as usual

-          Students will be required to write their exams for at least one hour. Upon dismissal, they must leave the exam hallways quickly and quietly as others continue to write.

-          If for any reason, school buses are cancelled or schools are closed, those exams will be written on Wednesday, February 1st.

-          If students are leaving the school after writing an examination, they should do so with the same expectations of a regular school day (ie. signing out at the office, and have parent permission, such as a note, to do so).


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