Staff Directory

The staff at Russell High School consists of a dedicated team of teachers, educational assistants, administration, and custodial staff.  These individuals work together to insure that every day at RHS is unique, welcoming, and inspiring.

2017-2018- Russell High School Staff Directory


Principal:  Susan Rutters  -

Vice Principal:  Laurie Hume -

Office Administrator:  Tammy Konink -

Office Assistant: Marsha Dupelle -

Financial Assistant:  Andrea Asselin -

Learning Commons Informationist: Annette Rice-

Teaching Staff

A. Banford-

N. Baranovskiy -

T. Barton -

T. Bourdeau - (ELL Instructor)

D. Cote -

L. Elminowski -

R. Grant -

J. Hartholt -

R. Hetu - 

M. Hogg -

J. Honey -

D. Jones -

J. Jones -

K. Kennedy -

J. Lebel -

C. Leslie -

M. Linseman -

L. MacIntyre -

K. MacKinnon -

R. McPhee -

F. Moise -

F. Oliviera -

R. Scharf -

C. van Riel -

B. Vaughan -

B. Westgate -

G. Zubyck


K. Deacon

A. Nicholls

H. Rothenberger

T. Schofield


R. Sheney -Head Custodian

R. Gosselin - Lead

J. Ross

S. Stewart


















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