The Arts


The secondary music program at RHS is an instrumental music program, offering opportunities in woodwind, brass, and percussion instruments (and string bass). Our music classes allow our students to explore elements of music theory, music appreciation, composition of original pieces, and of course learning their instrument.

Our daytime music classes are supplemented by the Music-Repertoire (AMR) courses, more commonly known as Band for Credit. By joining this course, you have the opportunity to earn an additional credit in every year of high school by being part of the RHS concert band.

Additional extracurricular opportunities always exist for students who wish to extend their musical experience even further, and vary according to the interests of the students. Past ensembles have included percussion ensembles, jazz bands, the "gleeks" (vocal ensemble) and more.

Musical instruments.


The Drama Department at Russell High School offers students four years of opportunities to collaborate, create and perform. Each year, students will play numerous improv and character development games, learn about different genres of theatre, and will- of course- always have opportunities to present plays to their peers in the class, other students at Russell High School, as well as for elementary schools in the Russell community and the residents of the Russell Meadows Retirement Home. Also, actors always need to be scene and heard- so there are opportunities to learn about lighting and sound as well! We will also focus on multimedia activities- from film study to animation to making music videos.

It's always exciting to see how Drama can increase a student's confidence- which helps them with presentations in other classes, job interviews, as well as everyday social situations. It's also amazing to see students who were very shy in grade 9 audition for school Dramafest plays later in high school, and to see the leadership skills they've developed along the way.

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