Dear Parents/Guardians:


RE: Service Dog at School


Beginning Wednesday, September 20th, 2017, an employee at our school will be working onsite with a Certified Assistance Service Dog to support accommodation in the workplace. Successful transition and entry of the dog into the school/worksite environment has been planned in accordance with the Upper Canada District School Board ‘USE OF A SERVICE DOG BY AN EMPLOYEE’ procedure and with input and consultation from the school and broader community.

The dog has been specially trained and is a Certified Assistance Service Dog. This is an assistance dog and will be easily identified as one by the vest it wears. Students and staff will be introduced to the dog at a school assembly or in-school training and rules for interaction will be reviewed.

Service Dogs should not be petted or approached without the permission of the dog’s handler.   Should you wish further information, wish to speak further about the entry of a certified assistance service dog into the school/worksite setting or to identify student allergies, fear or sensitivities related to dogs, please do not hesitate to contact the school directly.


Jeffrey Campbell



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