Grade 10 Program 

In the 2017 – 2018 school year, Grade 10 students are expected to accumulate eight (8) credits.


Each Grade 10 student will enrol in the following five (5) compulsory subjects:


Civics and Career Studies (English or French)


History or Histoire or Native Studies




As well, each Grade 10 student will choose three (3) of the following courses subject to availability:


ADA 2OE - Dramatic Arts

AVI 2OE - Visual Arts

BBI2OE- Introduction to Business

FEF 2DF - Extended French (Academic)

FSF 2DF - Core French (Academic)

May be combined into PPL2OE

FSF 2PF - Core French (Applied)

PPL 2OB - Healthy Active Living Education (Boys)

PPL 2OG - Healthy Active Living Education (Girls)

TDJ 2OE – Technological Design

TTJ 2OE - Transportation Technology