Rockland DHS Staff Semester 1





Barton, Suzanne

Attendance secretary

(Mon – Thurs)

Bellemare, Kathia

French & English Teacher

Blain, Rebecca

Educational Assistant

Blanchard, Sherri

Student Support partner

Boivin, Brandon

Science Teacher

Burgess, Sean

History, Anthropology & Student Success Teacher

Campbell, Jeff


Carr, Donna

English Teacher

Chikwanha, Jessica

Educational Assistant

Cranstone, Laura

Art & Native studies Teacher

Desrochers, Patricia

Learning Commons Informationist

Dobson, Debbie

Educational Assistant

Doucet, Julie

Educational Assistant

Drew, Luke

Educational Assistant

Germain, Nadia

School nurse

Harrison, Chris

Math Teacher

Hayes, Colleen

Office Administrator

Hollingsworth,  Julie

Yearbook, Civics/Careers & History Teacher

Houle, Shannon

Educational Assistant


Jackson, Alyssa

Intermediate Teacher

Kryviak, Karen

Physical Education Teacher

Kumahor, Kafui

Math Teacher

Lacroix, Diane

Educational Assistant

Lalonde, Ginette

Head Custodian

Lawford, Andrew

Guidance Counsellor &

Phys Ed Teacher

Lawford, Ian

Construction and Auto Teacher

MacDuff, Jenna

Intermediate Teacher

McNeill, Sandra

Drama, English & Civics and Careers Teacher

Moran, Jessica

Intermediate Teacher

Murray, Paul

Link Crew, English & Business Teacher

Murray, Shawn

History & Co-op Teacher

O’Rourke, Erin

Intermediate Teacher

Parks, Wilson

Intermediate Teacher

Perron, Sarah

Multi needs Teacher

Schwendemann, Stacey

Intermediate Teacher

Slowey, Jacqueline

Vice- Principal

Swanson, Jeffrey

Chemistry & Student

Success Teacher

Tingley, Susan

Student Success

& Science Teacher

Ullett, Tina

Student Services

Vachon, Veronique

Intermediate Teacher

Van Every, Lori

Attendance Secretary


No targeting

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