Staff Directory

Mrs. C. Ciocio Principal
Mrs. K. Shuter Grade 1/2/3
Mr. J. Pietersma Grade 4/5
Ms. J. White Grade 6
Blended Classes
Mrs. K. Shuter Grade 1
Ms. A. Boutin Grade 1/2
Ms. V. Vibert Grade 2
Mrs. A. Killeen Grade 2/3 and 4
Ms. K. Beeching Grade 3
Mr. J. Pietersma Grade 4/5
Mrs. V. Vibert Grade 5/6
Miss J. White Grade 6

Mrs. J. Millett-Kennedy, Ms. C. Camelon

Mrs. N. Hall, Mrs. A. LaRocque Educational Assistants
Mrs. K. Lanzo Student Monitor
Student Support
Mrs. K. Hardie Learning Resource Coach
French Immersion
Mrs. D. Martin-Matthews, Mme. A. Bonidan, Ms. D. Villeneuve Junior/Senior Kindergarten
Ms. A. Boutin, Ms. B. Frederick Senior Kindergarten
Mme. D. Thibault Grade 1
Mme. F. Belkiouer Grade 1/2 et Grade 4/5

Ms. K. Beeching

Grade 2
Mme. K. Armstrong Grade 3 et Grade 5/6


Mrs. D. Martin-Matthews, Mrs. A. Raminsh Various Subjects
Mme. B. Frederick, Mme. D. Thibault Core French
Mrs. B. Kerr Office Administrator
Mr. R. Adams Head Custodian
Mr. S. Thomson Evening Custodian
Mr. M. Porteous Evening Custodian
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