One Time, Many Times

Volunteers are a very important part of our school family. This is something we are very proud of and want to continue to encourage! Volunteers provide support in the regular classroom by reading with students or working in a small group to build on a concept taught to the whole class. There are quite a few regulars who provide ongoing support to classrooms for a period of time each week.

Naismith Memorial Public School is located in a community of artists and musicians. The community is rich with volunteers who want to be involved in promoting the arts. We would like to take advantage of this and have had the opportunity to do some small projects. The beautiful mosaic that is framing the bulletin board in the front hall of the school was made with Christine Moses and the grade five French Immersion class. Rosemary Leach did an-art-across-the-curriculum workshop on The Colour Wheel with grade four. As well, there are a number of musicians who have offered their services to our projects.

If you want to become involved in your child’s school for a short, one time only event, or for more of a time commitment like daily or weekly support, contact the school and we would be happy to have you!

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