North Grenville District High School

JUNE 2017 Examination Schedule

Thursday, June 22

Day 1

Friday, June 23

Day 2

Monday, June 26

Day 3

Tuesday, June 27

Day 4


Jun 28

Morning exams begin @ 8:00 am


Beckett (ENG 3U/4U) Rm 229

McNab (SBI 4U) Rm 226

Sadler (ENG 3U) SB22

Parent (CHW 3M) Rm 39

Island (ENG 1D) Rm 90

Jones (ENG 1D) Rm 89



Kelly (PSK 4U) Rm 95

Campeau (FIF 4U) Rm 90

Stewart (MAP 4C) Rm 94

Stone (SNC 2D) Rm 93

Durant (SNC 2D) Rm 229

Francis (SNC 1D) Rm 226


Ryan (MCV 4U) Rm 94

Stone (SPH 4U) Rm 229

Stewart (MDM 4U) Rm 95

Bergeron (HSP 3U) Rm 93



Ryan (MCR 3U) Rm 94

Campeau (FIF 1D) Rm 90

SHenderson (CGC 1D) Rm 36


Exam Day


(student success and credit rescue)

Afternoon exams begin @ 11:00 am

Beckett (ENG 4C) Portable 1

BMcFarlane (ENG 3C) Rm 39

Sadler (ENG 2P) SB21

Sadler (ENG 2D) SB22

Groves (ENG 2D)  Rm 93

McNab (SBI 3U) Rm 226

McNab (SBI 3C) Rm 229


WMcFarlane (MPM 2D) Rm 90

Bimm (MPM 2D) Portable 3

Bimm (MFM 2P) Portable 1

Ramsaran (MFM 2P) SB21

Ryan (MPM 1D) Rm 94

Bimm (MPM 1D) Portable 2

Hoy (CHC 2D) Portable 2

Campeau (FIF 2D) Rm 90

Exam Day


(student success)


Please Note:                                                                                                            


1.                  It is the student’s responsibility to know when, where and what materials will be needed for each of his/her final evaluations and exams.

2.                  It is the student’s responsibility to report any exam conflicts to the main office prior to the exam period.

3.                  The use of cell phones and electronic devices (i.e. MP3 players, iPods, iPhones etc.) is not permitted during exam times.  Only under exceptional circumstances and with prior permission of the teacher would a student be allowed to use such a device during an exam.

4.                  Students should use the washroom prior to starting an exam.  If there is a need to use the washroom during exam time, there may be a teacher in the hall to escort a student, otherwise, the office should be called to send an escort.  Cell phone use and texting is not permitted by a student being escorted to the washroom.

5.                  To minimize distractions to students still writing exams, all students are expected to stay in their exam room for approximately one hour.  At this time under the direction of the supervising teacher, students may leave their exam room and report to the cafeteria or Learning Commons.  After 2 hours, when the majority of classroom exams have finished, students may quietly go to lockers in/near the academic hallways.



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