(formerly Safe Arrival Programs)

In its quest for student safety, the Upper Canada District School Board supports “Unexplained Non-

Attendance Programs” (former called Safe Arrival Programs) for elementary school pupils as outlined in

the Ministry of Education’s Policy/Program Memorandum 123 (1999 02 02).

All elementary schools will have an Unexplained Non-Attendance Program in place. The program will

work in conjunction with daily attendance procedures and will make reasonable efforts to account for

students not in attendance at school.

Each elementary school will develop and implement its Unexplained Non-Attendance Program with

advice from School Councils, parents, staff, volunteers and other community members in accordance with

local needs and the particular circumstances of the school and the community.

Secondary Schools are encouraged to implement similar programs.

As part of the program, parents are required to:

- Report your child's absence in advance by calling the school; sending a note with the child before the day of the absence when it is known ahead of time; or sending a note with siblings;

-Provide the current and suitable contact telephone numbers and update them promptly if they change;

-Stress the importance of daily and prompt attendance with their children.

All unaccounted student absences will be followed up with a phone call to a parent. Calls will continue to be made until a verbal confirmation regarding the child's absence is obtained. Attempts will be made to contact the emergency contact(s). Follow-up on unsuccessful contacts will include contacting:

- the Special Services Counsellor,

-the police,

-the Superintendent,

as appropriate. Other subsequent steps might include contact with a neighbor or a visit to the home.


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