Designed by Chris Boston, Principal GSS

  GISS STAFF 2014/15

We believe that the value we add our students and this community is the time students have with their teachers engaged in learning


 For a listing of teachers and their contact information, please refer to the Teacher Pages listed to the left.

It takes a lot more than just our teachers, however, to provide the safe and welcoming environment you have come to appreciate here at the Home Of The Trojans. 

Office Staff

H. Morris – Office Administrator  

A. Armstrong

D. Gates

S. McAllister


Youth Worker

L. Lancastle


Educational Assistants

L. Montgomery

B. Paige

D. Pilon

D. Thompson

K. West


Learning Commons Informationist

N. Clow



 R. Hartley – Head Custodian

V. Dillon

T. Gregory

S. McCann

R. Pauze

J. Trussell                                                                                

S. Desjardin

    No targeting

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