Designed by Chris Boston, Principal GSS

  GISS STAFF 2015/16

We believe that the value we add our students and this community is the time students have with their teachers engaged in learning


 For a listing of teachers and their contact information, please refer to the Teacher Pages listed to the left.

It takes a lot more than just our teachers, however, to provide the safe and welcoming environment you have come to appreciate here at the Home Of The Trojans. 

Office Staff

H. Morris – Office Administrator  

A. Armstrong

L. Mullin

S. McAllister


Student Support Partner

S. McMullen


Educational Assistants

L. Montgomery

B. Paige

D. Pilon

K. West



Learning Commons Informationist

N. Clow



 R. Hartley – Head Custodian

V. Dillon

T. Gregory

R. Pauze

Darcy Pos

J. Trussell                                                                                

S. Wahmayer

    No targeting

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