Integrated Programs

Glengarry District caters to a wide variety of learners. Aside from specialized literacy and numeracy courses, students in the SDC programs have the opportunity to integrate many of the school’s regular class offerings, such as art, drama, history, physical education and technological studies. 

This year, in Semester 1, students were offered a wood shop/computer course where they learned important skills such as designing and building products for a specific need. They focused on measuring, modelling, manufacturing and finishing wooden and CAD projects, such as a picture frames and a wooden clock. Finally, they learned what to look for when buying wooden items and how to maintain them for a long life.

Students also attended weekly cooking classes where they improved their basic culinary skills and learned about food hygiene and nutrition. They had the opportunity to prepare healthy meals and shop for ingredients to make a recipe. A formal Thanksgiving dinner was set up and attended by our principal and vice-principal. In the second half of the term, each student had the responsibility of organizing one meal, and the class tasted a large variety of foods.  

In Semester 2, most of the students are participating in a work placement with local employers. We are also offering a Health and Fitness class to help students make informed decisions about their health and encourage them to participate in recreational and sports activities that will benefit their physical and mental well-being for years to come. In addition, students are working on improving their basic literacy skills and are included in regular programming with their peers.

 Students enjoying a meal. 

Students cooking.

Student in Wood Shop.

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