School Profile

Glengarry District High School is a community school with a proud history of producing well-rounded and successful graduates. Over the years, Glengarry’s students have taken home some of the highest awards this province has to offer: in academics, in music, in sports, and in drama.

Academically, Glengarry offers “equal opportunity for all” and “excellence for everyone.” We offer 5 different programs: more than any other school in the Eastern Region of the UCDSB. Also, Glengarry offers an exceptional French Immersion Program. Glengarry Gaels have participated in exchange programs throughout Europe and each year we welcome students from around the world.

Established in 1865, Glengarry District High School is proud of its tradition of excellence and its ability to accommodate all types of learners in both the English and the French languages. This accommodation made at GDHS for both official languages is important to us in order to best serve and provide opportunities for students while they are in Glengarry and beyond.

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