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The United Way supports many programs and services which are of benefit to students, families, staff and community members of the UCDSB. This page contains information on the services available in this area. For more information, please go to: http://unitedwaysdg.com/

Please find information below on the Mental Health Promotion activities that were conducted with the UCSDB for the 2013-2014 fiscal year that is supported by United Way funding.

1. Talking About Mental Illness Grade 7 & 8 (TAMI)

Talking About Mental Illness (T.A.M.I.) is a program that was designed for elementary students in 2012 and is best suited for grades 7 & 8. This awareness program has been proven to bring about positive change in the students knowledge and attitudes about mental illness and related subjects.

This program enables students to:

•Foster a more positive attitude towards mental illness

•Provide links to community resources and support for further information and professional help

•Reduce the stigma associated to mental illness

•Emphasis is placed on wellness education such as self-esteem building and stress management

The comprehensive 4 session package is designed to be delivered in a classroom setting for 1 hour per day for four consecutive days when possible. Students are introduced to various topics such as Mental Health/Illness, Types of Disorders, Self-Esteem and Stress Management.

40 presentations delivered reaching 1,610 students

Participating schools in the UCDSB

  • Rothwell Osnabruck
  • CCVS
  • Seaway District
  • GDHS
  • North Dundas

2. Talking About Mental Illness Grade 9-12 (TAMI)

Talking About Mental Illness (T.A.M.I.) is an evidence based program that was designed predominantly for secondary school students in 2001 by the Canadian Mental Health Association & the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health. This program increases awareness about mental illness and the stigma that surrounds it.

Communities are proving they can make a difference through education and awareness programs. TAMI helps to increase the understanding of mental health/illness. It is intended to dispel common misconceptions regarding mental disorders and those living with a mental illness. Students are introduced to various topics such as Mental Health/Illness, Types of Disorders, suicideTALK, Stress Management and when possible a testimonial from a person with lived experience. The comprehensive 4-5 session package has been designed to meet the mental health component identified for the Grade 11 Health and Physical Education course.

50 presentations delivered reaching 1,458 students

Participating schools in the UCDSB

  • Rothwell Osnabruck
  • Char-Lan
  • GDHS
  • Tr Leger
  • CCVS

3. Beyond the Hurt (Bullying Prevention)

A workshop for student’s grade 6-12 that addresses issues related to bullying and harassment. Participatory in nature, involving a variety of interactive activities. Beyond the hurt workshop helps students to describe the characteristics of healthy relationships, understanding the role of power in creating and preventing bullying, identify the four types of bullying, understand the impact of bullying and harassment and identify resources for dealing with bullying and harassment.

The comprehensive 2 session workshop is designed to be delivered in a classroom setting for 1 hour per day for two consecutive days when possible.

Participating schools in the UCDSB

  • CCVS
  • Tr Leger

4. Parent night presentation or booth

Booth display during parent information night. Booth of CMHA programs and services displayed. Mental Health Promoter available to answer questions. Information and resource package prepared and distributed to parents in attendance.

Participating schools in the UCDSB

  • Booth -CCVS (100 parents reached)
  • “What Parents Should Know” (Presentation) Seaway District High School (38 parents reached)

5. Student assembly for mental health

School wide presentation with testimonial speakers on mental health, suicide prevention and local resources.

Participating schools in the UCDSB

  • Seaway District (350 students reached)

6. Link Crew Mental Health Training

Various workshops delivered to student of the link crew program. Topics included: Positive Thinking, Communication and Mental Health, Taking Care of Yourself and Healthy Relationships and Introduction to Mental Health. (35) students participated in these presentations

Participating schools in the UCDSB


§ Seaway District

7. suicideTALK

suicideTALK is a session that invites interested community members to become more aware of suicide prevention opportunities in their community. Dealing openly with the stigma around suicide, this exploration focuses upon the question, "Should we talk about suicide?"

As a suicideTALK-informed session member, will be better able to:

•understand how personal and community beliefs about suicide affect suicide stigma and safety;

•choose among ways to help protect, preserve and promote life in a suicide-safer community.

Participating schools in the UCDSB

  • All student council from the UCDSB (Kemptville Board Office) (100 + students reached)

It’s also important to note that we delivered (3) ASIST training sessions reaching 76 school personnel and (1) Mental Health Works Training for Managers reaching 16 people. These workshops are supported by registration fees.

Lori Greer
Executive Director
United Way/Centraide
Stormont, Dundas & Glengarry
Email: lori@unitedwaysdg.com
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