Applying To College
We are attending Algonquin College in Ottawa on October 5th.  The College Information Program will be there which is where each college in Ontario will have a booth set up.  We will also be going on a tour of Algonquin's campus.   It is open to grade 11 and 12 students.    If you would like to attend please print off the following permission form and return it to Guidance with the $10 bus fee by Tuesday, October 3rd. 
Students interested in applying to an Ontario college can visit the following sites for help: - information about all Ontario colleges including pre-requisites, mark ranges and college entrance scholarships. This is also the site where you make your application.   Once you decide on a school you'd like to attend it is a really good idea to attend one of their Open Houses.   Look on their website to see when theirs is.

Deadline to Apply: February 1st, 2018 -- if you miss the deadline you will not receive equal consideration.  This means that for highly competitive programs, you will not have a chance to get in.  

Make sure you check the list of highly competitive programs to see if yours is there! 

For a list of highly competitive programs and their prerequisites go to highly-competitive-programs
If you are interested in one of these programs make sure that you are registered in the correct courses this year.

If you are interested in applying out of province, Google the school you are interested in and fill out their on-line application. After you have applied let the guidance office know so that we can mail your transcripts.

Please make an appointment with guidance if you need help with any of this process.

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