Technological Studies

At CCVS we offer many technological programs which include Construction, Transportation, Design, Communications, Hospitality & Tourism and Hairstyling & Aesthetics.

The Technology Teachers at CCVS take pride in delivering Programs which model themselves after the Traditional Industrial Trades. Through hard work and dedication our Labs and Shops are maintained and updated to offer current to industry standards by individuals who have entered the teaching profession as Licensed Qualified Trades People. Students are given the opportunity to take ownership of a project from its initial design stage throughout its production to its finality, as a current marketable product. This opportunity allows them to leave highschool with skills and the confidence to make decisions which will lead them into a prosperous and successful future.

Technology students.

Construction Technology:

Students in the construction shop.

Student staining wooden table.

Mr. Jeff Wilson (Par Leader)

Transportation Technology:

Mr. Dennis Henderson

Technological Design:

Mr. Jeff Wilson and Mr. Dennis Henderson

Communications Technology:

Mr. Adrian Black and Josip Kupina

Hospitality and Tourism:

Mr. John Ciampaglia

Hairstyling and Aesthetics:

Mrs. Aline Brush


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