Special Education

We offer many resources for students with special needs. From our Student Support Unit to our Daily Living Program, we are dedicated to meeting the needs of all students.

Special Education Teachers:

Mr. Paul Chisholm

Mr. Mike Conway (CO-OP)

Ms. Fiona Frigault (Learning Resource Coach)

Mr. J.F. Lefebvre (Learning Resource Teacher)

Ms. Heather Latreille (Learning Resource Teacher)

Mr. Stu Prevost

Ms. Kriss Ross

Ms. Cathy SchraderMs. Cynthia Schwartz (CO-OP)

Ms. Pamela Snyder

Ms. Heather Van de Glind (Learning Resource Teacher)


Educational Assistants:

Ms. Cleo Barns

Mr. Scott Barns

Ms. Sylvie Campeau-Menier

Ms. Cathy Craig

Ms. Cindy Crites

Ms. Barb Fournier

Ms. Catherine Kelly

Ms. Heather MacDonald

Mr. Robert Martin

Ms. Wendy McDonald

Ms. Karen Wattie

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