Social Sciences and Humanities

The Social sciences department at Cornwall Collegiate offers courses in Family Studies, Food and Nutrition, Personal and Family Resources, Parenting, World Religion, Anthropology, Psychology & Sociology, Philosophy, as well as Human Growth and Development.

Teachers in the Department:

Ms. Michelle Edgar-Labelle

Social Sciences and Humanities at CCVS: 

The social science and humanities courses share a common object of study: human beings and their world. The social sciences study human behaviour and society within such fields as sociology, psychology, and anthropology. Students learn about the wide range of factors that have influenced peoples, cultures, and societies. Students learn some of the different world views, historical and cultural theories, philosophies, and social trends that have shaped our world. 

In Grades 9 and 10, the focus of the program is on the area of family studies, which combines social and applied sciences in the study of topics relating to individual development and family life. Students are introduced to practical aspects of family living, studying subjects ranging from food and nutrition to resource management and conflict resolution. In the senior grades, courses are offered in more specialized areas of family studies, including parenting.

They provide students with a foundation for a range of possible postsecondary destinations: for positions in retail and service industries; for community college programs in such areas as early childhood education, fashion design, and human resources; and for university programs in fields such as anthropology, consumer studies, family studies, food and nutrition sciences, human resources, psychology, philosophy, religious studies, and sociology.

The discipline of social sciences and the humanities has connections with many other disciplines taught in secondary school, on the level of both knowledge and skills. Studies in social science and humanities courses will allow students to bring a broader perspective to their learning in subjects such as history, geography, and English. Students will be able to build on previous learning, integrate related knowledge, and apply learning skills across subject areas.

Subject matter from any course in social sciences and the humanities can be combined with subject matter from one or more courses in other disciplines to create an interdisciplinary course.

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