Canadian and World Studies

Courses available at Cornwall Collegiate pertaining to the study of Canada and the World include Canadian Geography, Canadian History, Civics, Physical Geography, Travel and Tourism, World History, Canadian Law, Environmental and Resource Management, World Issues and Native Studies.

Teachers in the Department:

Ms. Michelle Edgar - Labelle

Ms. Joanne Garlough

Ms. Mary MacDonald

Ms. Joanne Garlough

Geography at CCVS:

The geography department at Cornwall Collegiate offers a selection of courses at the academic, applied and essential levels that will help students broaden their knowledge base of world affairs and current events, while effectively promoting research and communication skills.

All students take the Geography of Canada course in grade 9. This introductory course to high school geography provides a comprehensive look at both physical and human aspects of Canada. Students will be introduced to various technologies throughout the course and have the opportunity to participate in field trip activities.

At the senior level, Cornwall Collegiate currently offers distinct courses which may appeal to students with a wide variety of interests and future goals. Optional courses include Physical Geography and Travel and Tourism in grade 11, and World Issues and Environmental Geography in grade 12.

History at CCVS:

History at Cornwall Collegiate teaches students both knowledge and skills that are adaptable to all areas of study, both in high school and beyond. Our school is well over 200 years old and is the longest continuously run high school in Canada. We are situated in the heart of Cornwall. Within walking distance of the shores of the Saint Lawrence River, the Wood House Museum, the historical Cornwall Jail and Courthouse, the Cornwall Armoury and Cornwall’s original square mile. Our community contacts allow students access “living books”: local historians and former students who have authored books on local history and lived history.

The focus is to learn history by living and doing history. All classes are involved in interactive programs that give students the ability to understand and appreciate life in another era.

Currently courses are offered at all levels of instruction that will advance students to college, university and the workplace.

Native Studies at CCVS:

Canada is the land of origin for Aboriginal peoples, and the history of Canada begins with them. As the first people of Canada, Aboriginal peoples are unique in Canada’s mosaic. Thus, exploration of the development and contributions of Aboriginal societies is central to an understanding of the social fabric of this country.

In Native studies courses students examine the cultures and post-1900 history of Aboriginal peoples in Canada. These courses provide broader and deeper explorations of twentieth-century issues concerning Aboriginal peoples and Canadian society.

The diversity of cultural, linguistic, racial, and religious groups is a valuable characteristic of Canadian society, and CCVS can help prepare students to live harmoniously in a multicultural society in the interdependent world of the twenty-first century.

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