Link Crew

Link Crew is a grade 9 orientation program led by senior students.  The program aims to help our incoming 9th graders have a smooth and successful transition to Almonte and District High School by providing both academic and social support.  The program believes in "Students Helping Students Succeed".  Link Crew leaders are committed to being positive role models, team leaders, and peer facilitators.  Leaders are dedicated to creating a supportive and positive atmosphere.  Leaders aim to pass on the positive traditions and values of ADHS that promote school unity and school spirit.

Leaders will gain useful skills in leadership, communication, teamwork, event organization, planning and management - all excellent resume builders and valuable life-long skills. This is a grade 12 open/university prep course (IDC4O/4U).  It involves leadership training and then applying that training to mentor a group of 8-10 grade 9 students.  There is a major time commitment outside of normal class hours.  They may teach time management, conflict resolution or character education lessons, instruct on how to use school resources, or attend free social events.


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