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Do you want to step into your future for a day?  Do you want to be a chef, an urban planner, an engineer, or a video blogger?  The 2017 Take Our Kids to Work day will be held Wednesday, November 1, 2017.

This program, supported by the Ministry of Education, province wide, invites all grade 9 students to be at work on November 1st.

Take Our Kids to Work is a one day job-shadowing experience for grade 9 students.  It's a chance for students to connect what they are learning in school with what happens in the workplace.  Students also have an opportunity to see how a parent or another adult spends his or her day.  This program starts young people thinking about the many choices available to them after high school.  Ideally your son/daughter will accompany you to work on this day, but if for some reason this is not possible, we ask that you make alternate arrangements for your child to participate in this experience.

We would ask that parents investigate safety issues at their workshop and determine areas that will be safe for visiting and areas that will be out of bounds for your child.  Identify any specific cautions or information that students will need to know about ahead of time.  Identify any equipment, or needed modifications to equipment that must be made to ensure the safety of visitors.

The consent package for this program has been distributed to all grade 9 students.  Extra copies are available in Student Services.  For further information on this program, please contact Ms Morrison in Student Services.



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Contact Information
A.M. Morrison
ADHS Guidance Counsellor
Phone: 613-256-1470
Email: anne-marie.morrison@ucdsb.on.ca