Reporting Student Achievement

Student achievement will be communicated formally to students and parents by means of the Provincial Report Card, Grades 9-12. The report card provides a record of the student’s achievement of the curriculum expectations in every course, at particular points in the school year or semester, in the form of a percentage grade. It also includes teachers’ comments on the students strengths and the areas in which improvement is needed, along with ways in which it might be achieved. The report card contains separate sections for recording attendance and for evaluating the student’s learning skills in each course.


Additionally, students at Almonte and District High School receive a separate anecdotal Interim style report issued early each semester. These reports are intended to inform students and parents of their progress in each of the students’ credit courses. Issue dates for all report cards will be posted on the school’s website.


A final grade is recorded for each course, and a credit is granted and recorded for every course in which the students grade is 50% or higher. The final grade for each course will be determined as follows:


· 70% of the grade will be based on assessments and evaluation conducted throughout

    the course.

· 30% of the grade will be based on a final evaluation in the form of an examination

   and performance, essay, and/or other method of evaluation suitable to the course

   content and administered toward the end of the course.


In all of their courses, students must be provided with numerous and varied opportunities to demonstrate the full extent of their achievement of the curriculum expectations, across all four categories of knowledge and skills. Evaluation should reflect each student’s most consistent level of achievement.


Final evaluations are administered towards the end of every semester. In the case of    student absence because of illness or bereavement, the principal will determine which   actions will be taken.


Procedures for Students who are Unsuccessful in a

Course Credit Recovery Program


Where a student has completed a course within the school year or semester but has not been successful in demonstrating achievement of the curriculum expectations to a passing level, the principal and teaching staff, in consultation with the parents of the student should determine which procedure or type of program would best enable the student to meet the expectations and earn credit for the course. Where possible, the student should be allowed to repeat only the material relating to the expectations not achieved through a Credit Recovery Program.  Upon recommendation of the teacher and Principal, a student who has achieved at least a 40% in a course and who could possibly retrieve the credit will be offered the opportunity for credit recovery.  Arrangements should be made so that one (or more) of the following options is available to the student:


                                     >  summer school               

                                     >  individualized remediation program

                                     >  independent study          

                                     > repeating the entire course                          

With respect to compulsory courses, a student who fails a course or who chooses to withdraw from a course during the school year or the semester (after consultation with parents and school staff) should be informed of the consequences for meeting diploma requirements. The program options available to the student to enable him or her to meet the requirements should be outlined, and possible alternative courses identified.

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