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Cooperative Education and Work Experience Opportunities

A Cooperative Education course, available to students in grades 11 and 12, must be based on a related course (or courses) from an Ontario curriculum policy document or a Ministry approved locally developed course. The student must be concurrently enrolled in the related course or have successfully completed it. Cooperative education courses include a classroom component and a placement component. Placements provide students with opportunities to apply and extend the knowledge, and practice and refine the skills acquired in the related course, and to demonstrate the achievement of placement expectations that reflect current workplace practices and standards. The student's individual cooperative education program will be designed following a placement interview. Some students will be eligible to begin an apprenticeship program through a cooperative education placement in a skilled trades setting. Some students will select cooperative education placements which prepare them for the school to work transition.

The Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program (OYAP): An OYAP student is a student who is earning cooperative education credits for work experience in an apprenticeship occupation. The student may or may not be formally registered as an apprentice while attending secondary school. If students register as apprentices, they may begin their formal apprenticeship training while they are still in school. Upon graduation they will have both a diploma and valuable hours and skills contributing to their apprenticeship.

All students participating in OYAP must:

- complete sixteen credits towards the OSSD prior to starting the program;

-be enrolled as full-time students during the program;

- complete all compulsory credits required for the OSSD.

Further information on OYAP is available from Student Services Counsellors and Cooperative Education teachers.

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