The 2014-2015 ADHS Staff List 

Ms. Marsha McNair Principal
Mr. David Pier Vice Principal
Mr. Adam Speck Head Custodian
Ms. L. Coleman Educational Assistant
Ms. C. Beach Brown’s Cafeteria
Ms. A. Bright Grade 7-8 Teacher
Ms. T. Crosbie Secondary Teacher/Student Services
Mr. D. Dillon Secondary Teacher
Mrs. S. Dillon Secondary Teacher
Mr. M. Goebel Grade 7-8 Teacher
Mr. M. Higginson Secondary Teacher
Mrs. C. Fullarton Grade 7-8 Teacher-Extended French
Mrs. K. Earl Office Administrator
Mrs. J. Johnston Custodian
Mrs. H. Leach- Weiers Secondary Teacher
Mr. K. Major Custodian
Ms. T. Meek Grade 7-8 Teacher
Ms. A. O'Hearn English Language Support
Mr. J. Palmer Secondary Teacher
Ms. J. Pepper Grade 7-8 Teacher
Mr. N. Rogers Secondary Teacher/Student Services
Mrs. L. Ross Secondary Teacher
Mrs. J. Sayeau Educational Assistant
Mr. B. St. Onge Secondary Teacher
Mrs. N. Tennant Office Assistant
Ms. E. Wand Secondary Teacher
Mr. J. Wilson Secondary Teacher

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