Extended French

Extended French has been a part of our program offerings since 2007. Students who enrol in this program are aiming to receive a Certificate of Extended French which means they have taken 7 courses of extended French over the course of their high school career. Normally, students take French at each grade level (9-12) and in order to gain the other 3 credits there are a variety of options. Many students opt to take a 2 credit Co-op course where they may go to Pineview or one of our own Intermediate Immersion classes and help students in their French program. They can also take a further course on-line which makes up the 7th course.

Students are engaged in a variety of activities in the classroom. They do study grammar, but their oral and written work demonstrates their ability to use French in an everyday context. They are involved in dialogues, creating magazines, skits, monologues, children’s books to read to the French students at Pineview, discussions and listening activities using the Internet.


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