Computer Programme of ADHS

Computer classes

ADHS offers computer programming at all levels from 9-12. Our focus is on object oriented programming, using the actionScript 3.0 language in the Adobe Flash CS4 package of software. This format allows students to generate fully functional programs that are easily used for web content, standalone applications, or mobile apps. Applications that students create include problem solving anything from simple math problems, to sorting and collecting data, to complex game development.

In addition to our programming classes we have business related computer courses that offer the skills to create an e-business, manage electronic data effectively, and complete modern web designs. We have won many international competitions with these classes, bringing prestige to our small school.

Technology Resources

ADHS has a strong technology base for its students, with one of the highest per capita computer to student ratios in our school board. With smart boards in many classrooms around the school, technology is integrated into all subject areas, not just in computer classes. Our virtual classroom allows telecommunication with other schools or resources around the world in real time. We have 3 fully operational labs with updated machines, and a portable i-pad lab.

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