Welcome to New Students

Athens District High School is a small and welcoming school. If your son or daughter is looking into the school options, please drop by our school. Someone on our staff will be more than happy to tour you around the building, share with you our many highlights, and show you just what Athens has to offer.

ADHS is a school with a long history of excellence. We were voted one of Canada's top 10 schools by Macleans magazine, field virtually every sport including fishing, golf, and wrestling. We have a world model student leadership team structured around Canada's own parliamentary system. We have more face time between teachers and students, due to the small size of our population. We have above average graduation rates, and offer a full range of programming to support all students, including those with special needs, and those with university as their next step in life.

Please read the important announcement about immunization at our schools. Click the link below to open the PDF.

Immunization of School Pupils Act

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