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Equity & Inclusion

Antiracism and Ethno-cultural Equity ~ Policy 405


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This Antiracism and Ethno-cultural Equity Policy shall act as a general policy which will influence the review and implementation of other practices and policies.

The Upper Canada District School Board recognizes the inherent dignity of all peoples, and affirms its commitment to providing and maintaining an educational environment free from racism and discrimination; and which promotes and fosters growth and the attainment of life opportunities to the maximum potential of all those served by the Board’s school system.

The Board affirms that it is a legitimate expectation that every individual has the right to an education that is free from prejudice, bias, or discrimination which will enable him or her to participate, with dignity, to the full extent of his/her potential in community and society; and that every person employed by the Board has the right to work in an environment that is free from prejudice, bias, or discrimination.

It is the policy of the Upper Canada District School Board to create an educational environment free of racism which prepares students with an understanding of the contribution of women and men from all racial, linguistic, religious, and ethno-cultural groups to Canadian society, and with the skills, knowledge and values that will enable them to deal effectively with prejudice, discrimination and racism.

The Board emphasizes that this policy is to be respected by all people related to the school system in any way, including students, staff, trustees, visitors on Board premises, or anyone participating in Board-sponsored activities.

The Board further directs that each school’s Student Behaviour Guide contain a prepared statement summarizing this policy, such statement to be issued by the Director of Education.

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