OYAP Information for Students

Who is Eligible?

Students must...

  • Be 16 years of age
  • Have 16 credits
  • Be attending school full time

Education Requirements

  • Students must complete a minimum of three in-school credits per year Have 16 credits
  • Schools will monitor the program offered in the workplace, to ensure that it meets secondary school credit requirements
  • To received an Ontario Secondary School Diploma, students must still complete all compulsory credits

Apprenticeship Requirements

  • Students must be placed with a qualified employer
  • Following graduation, the student must work with the Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development and the employer to fulfil all requirements of the trade specific program, including the in-school portion, unless an exemption has been specifically negotiated

Benefits to Youth

  • Students earn credits towards an OSSD, while hours earned, and skills learned on the job are applied to journey person certification
  • Doors are kept open. Students who find they are not suited to the trades can return to a regular school program with no penalty
  • Students may become a registered apprentice while still in high school, therefore, getting an early start on a skilled trade career
  • Students learn valuable current work experience
  • Students may gain exemption from some of the regular apprenticeship training courses by participating in OYAP

How to get More Information

  • Contact your school's guidance department
  • Contact your local Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development
    Kingston: (613) 548-1754
    Ottawa: (613) 731-7100
    Cornwall: (613) 938-9702
  • Call the Ontario Employment Hotline at 1-800-387-5656
  • Contact the Upper Canada District School Board

Lori Carlisle, Learning Partner, Student Success and Destinations East Region - 613-360-2407, lori.carlisle@ucdsb.on.ca

Cindy Steele, Learning Partner, Student Success and Destinations West Region - 613-804-0559, cindy.steele@ucdsb.on.ca  

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