OYAP Information for Parents 


  • Students still earn a high school diploma while learning a skilled trade
  • OYAP helps parents to avoid costly tuition. Although there are fees incurred with college courses later in the apprenticeship, the costs are far less than the current rising costs of college and university tuition 
  • Registration fees for high school students are paid for by the Ministry of Advanced Education and Skill Development
  • Students are learning hands-on, usable skills while young and, therefore have a head start on their careers
  • With the increasing demand for skilled workers in Ontario, securing a skilled trade ensures employability for your son or daughter - with top performers in some skilled trades earning between $40,000 and $100,000 per year depending on the geographical location the trade is being applied and the demand for that particular trade.
  • Learning a skilled trade may act as a stepping stone for careers in management and self-employment

How to get More Information

  • Contact your school's guidance department
  • Contact your local Ministry of Advanced Education and Skill Development- Employment Training Division:

    Kingston: (613) 548-1151
    Ottawa:  (613) 731-7100
    Cornwall: (613) 938-9702
  • Call the Ontario Employment Hotline at 1-800-387-5656
  • Contact the Upper Canada District School Board

Lori Carlisle - Learning Partner, Student Destinations East Region - 613-360-2407, lori.carlisle@ucdsb.on.ca

Cindy Steele - Learning Partner, Student Destinations West Region-613-804-0559, cindy.steele@ucdsb.on.ca

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