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ARC Information & Resources

Updates: (January 2, 2017)

  • updated working meeting information chart
  • updated location change for ARC 2A working meeting Jan. 31

Updates: (November 10, 2016)

  •  Added survey feedback data for ARC 1, ARC 2A and ARC 2B

Updates: (November 9, 2016)

  • Updated Agenda - ARC 1, Meeting 1 - Rockland to reflect no delegations
  • Added page: ARC: Frequently Asked Questions

Updates: (November 7, 2016)

  • Added pages for each ARC group (click to link):
    • ARC 1 (Val Allen), ARC 2A and ARC 2B (Tim Mills), ARC 3, (David Coombs) and ARC 4 (Susan Edwards)
    • Added survey feedback data for ARC 3 group
  • Added School Council Value to Parents Template
  • Added dates and locations for ARC working meetings

Accommodation Review Committees

Accommodation Review Committees (ARCs) are the official conduit for information that is shared between the school board and school communities in response to the draft recommendations contained in the Initial Staff Report for the Building for the Future Pupil Accommodation Review.The ARCs will review the information presented in the Initial Staff Report, help to communicate this information to their communities, and collect information from the community to assist UCDSB staff in the development of a Final Staff Report for consideration by the Board of Trustees.

To view the complete Terms of Reference document, click on the document download to the right.

Public Meetings

There will be ten public meetings held in November 2016 and January 2017. These meetings will be facilitated by the ARC Chair, and the purpose is to facilitate the receipt of information from the public in response to the Initial Staff Report and to explore other accommodation options not reflected in the report. This information will be used to assist board staff in the development of the Final Staff Report. 

Details on the meeting dates and locations is in the chart below. Meetings will begin at 6:30 p.m. and conclude at 9:00 p.m.

ARC Public Meeting #1  Public Meeting #2 

Date Location Date Location
1 Nov 10/16 Rockland DHS Jan 19/17 Rockland DHS
2A*+ Nov 17/16 Seaway DHS Jan 31/17 Seaway DHS
2B* Nov 14/16 General Vanier Jan 23/17 General Vanier
3 Nov 15/16 South Grenville DHS Jan 24/17 Brockville CI
4** Nov 16/16 Perth DCI Jan 30/17 Smiths Falls DCI

* Note: ARC 2 (A & B) has been scheduled for an additional two (2) public meetings, from the original schedule presented in the September 28, 2016 Initial Staff Report, to assist its large representation of schools.

** Note: ARC 4 location of Public Meeting #2 has changed from the original schedule presented in the September 28, 2016 Initial Staff Report.

+ Note: ARC 2A location of Public Meeting #2 has changed from the amended schedule of Note 1 above.

Anyone wishing to make a presentation to the ARC at one of the public meetings must notify the ARC chair by email five days before the ARC meeting date, including a completed delegation form (available in Word and PDF under the Downloads section), and a copy of the presentation (i.e. a PowerPoint) if applicable. Presentations will be limited to a maximum of ten minutes per delegation. 

Important: Click here to download the complete Building for the Future Pupil Accommodation Review Guide for Presentations at ARC Public Meetings.

The ARC chairs are as follows:

ARC 1: Superintendent Valerie Allen -, copy

ARC 2: Superintendent Tim Mills -, copy

ARC 3: Superintendent David Coombs -, copy

ARC 4: Superintendent Susan Edwards -, copy

The agendas and minutes of all ARC meetings will be posted on this page (see Downloads section at the top right).

ARC Working Meetings

In addition to the public meetings noted above, each ARC will meet at a minimum of two working meetings (may be more as required). While these meetings are open to the public, the ARCs will not be receiving presentations during these sessions. 

The purpose of the working meetings is to allow the ARC members to prepare for the public meetings and to review the feedback submitted through the online survey and email. All of the information will be then be provided by the ARCs to assist staff in the development of the Final Staff Report.

Below are listed the dates and locations for the ARC working group meetings. All meetings run from 6:30 - 9:30 pm.


ARC Group Date Location

ARC 1 - Val Allen (Prescott-Russell)


November 24, 2016

Rockland DHS

2 January 26, 2017 Vankleek Hill CI
ARC 2A - Tim Mills (Dundas)

1 November 7, 2016 Seaway DHS
2 November 24, 2016 Morrisburg PS
3 December 6, 2016 Seaway DHS
4 January 17, 2017 Seaway DHS
ARC 2B - Tim Mills (Cornwall, Highland)

1 November 8, 2016 General Vanier
2 November 28, 2016 Glengarry DHS
3 December 13, 2016 Rothwell-Osnabruck
4 January 16, 2017 Char-Lan DHS
ARC 3 - David Coombs (Brockville, Grenville River)

1 November 3, 2016 North Grenville DHS
2 November 28, 2016 South Grenville DHS
3 January 19, 2017 Thousand Islands SS

ARC 4 - Susan Edwards (Lanark North, Lanark South, Rideau)

1 November 30, 2016 Smiths Falls DCI
2 January 18, 2017 Perth DCI
3 February 1, 2017 Smiths Falls DCI
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